WebDesign Tricks

10 janvier 2020

Best Tips How to Add Google Fonts on PC for Beginner | Easy Way

The @font-face CSS at-rule allows you to define and use your own custom fonts, thus allowing you to extend the limited set of standard system fonts […]
28 décembre 2019

Three Golden Rules How to Remove Google Fonts on Google Docs for Illustrators in 2020

You can change Web Captioner’s font, colors, text position, and more. It is a very popular font for text-based content and is highly versatile because it […]
21 décembre 2019

Best Tips How to Download Custom Fonts on Mac for Professional Designers | Easy Way

Extract the files you have downloaded. Proxima Nova is a san serif font designed by Mark Simonson. Georgia is an old web-safe serif font that is […]
13 décembre 2019

Most Popular Sites About How to Manage Handwritten Fonts on Iphone for Illustrators | Easy Way

Before having the control that CSS gives you over text, you were severely limited in how you could present your words. 20 essential CSS tricks every […]
5 décembre 2019

Three Golden Rules How to Remove Sans Serif Fonts on Google Docs for Beginner in 2020

There is something beyond professional in an ‘Arial’, something beyond elegant in a ‘Monotype Corsiva’ and something beyond fun in a ‘Comic sans’. The developer sometimes […]